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Chart of the Month – August 2007 – Animated File Cabinet

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The chart of the month features a file cabinet, which can either be used for what it is (such as in the example: a rarely used file cabinet with moths flying out), or it can be also be used as a metaphor for organization, retrieval, archived information, easy access, and so on. All in all, it's a handy little device.

What makes the file cabinet so useful is the animation, which cannot be shown here very well. Subscribers can click here to download the animated example to see it in action. The drawers open and close, making it possible to place objects into or remove objects from the drawers.

CN037 in the Concepts Category has the file cabinet available for download now! The tutorial gives explicit instructions about how to format and animate. This is a more advance framework to format and animate because of the many layers, so give yourself enough time to get it right. Once you build your chart, however, it is extremely effective at visually delivering your message.

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