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I'm having trouble resubscribing. What is happening?

If you already have an account set up with the your email address, you won't be able to create a new subscription with the same email address. To resubscribe you need to sign-in using your expired username and password. Follow the instructions below:

  • Enter your usual username and password information
  • After logging in you will see a message that says:
    Access to this membership area is not allowed.
    Please go to "Your Subscription page" to renew or add subscription
  • Click the "Your Subscription page" link
  • Look for Add/Renew subscription and select the membership type you want from the drop-down menu
  • Click the "Order" button
  • After agreeing to the User Agreement you will be forwarded to our payment system

At this point your payment will be processed by PowerFrameworks' payment vendor, 2Checkout. Upon successful completion of the payment transaction through 2Checkout, you'll be reinstated as a subscriber

Welcome back!

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