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Can I share my membership/password with others?

No, you are not permitted to share your membership/password with anyone. The terms of use indicate that subscriptions are single-seat, single-user agreements. You can lose your subscription if you fail to comply with this agreed-to term of use.

PowerFrameworks does log and review IP addresses. If we find suspicious activity, your account can be suspended. If your account has been suspended please follow the instructions found in this FAQ.

It is your responsibility to protect your password. If you think your password may have been compromised, change it immediately. You can do this in by clicking the link with your name at the top of this page, below PowerFrameworks. This will take you to your user profile where you may change your password.

In order to help prevent unauthorized use of your account, please make sure you always either log out and quit your browser when you are done using PowerFrameworks or if you are leaving your computer unattended.

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