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I know I'm obligated to keep my access information to PowerFrameworks secure. What other security measures should I take?

You should log out of PowerFrameworks at the end of each session or when you leave your work area. Logging out helps reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your PowerFrameworks account and is an excellent security measure in general with all of your accounts that are accessed through the Internet.

Never give out your password or other personal information. Please be aware that PowerFrameworks or our authorized reseller 2Checkout will never send an email requesting you to visit a web page or follow a link to a web page and input personal, PowerFrameworks, or 2Checkout.com account information.

If you ever receive such an email, please immediately forward it to us at the following email address: support@powerframeworks.com

If the email claims to be from 2Checkout please email: webmaster@2co.com

After forwarding the email to the appropriate address, delete the email.

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