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I started to subscribe (and got as far as the payment screen), but did not complete the payment. Later when I went back in to complete the payment, I can't select the same username. Did someone already take it?

No, if you start the subscription process and get past the initial screen (where you enter all your information) then do not complete the payment process (for any reason) this will happen.

Basically what has happened is that you have created your sign up but do not yet have a subscription allowing you to access PowerFrameworks. Go to the log in screen and sign in using the username and password you sent up. You will get a message that says:

You do not have a currently active subscription.
Please go to the "Subscription information page" to renew or add a subscription

Click on the "Subscription information page link" and you will be taken to a page that looks similar to this:

Select subscription or renewal option from the drop down list and click order. This will take you to the 2Checkout payment screens where you can complete your subscription.

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