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Why are view options important to me?

Results per page

When searching for Series or Frameworks, you can view as many Series or Frameworks per page as you like. You can set the number of columns and rows you want your search results to display.

Find Series - View Options

The different Series view configurations are there to help you during the different phases of the presentation development process. For example:

    • View Examples and Thumbnails
      This will give you both a representative framework from this series, as well as an example of a finished slide using the framework.
    • View Thumbnails Only
      When you are brainstorming or looking for possible ways to convey your message, viewing only representative thumbnails for each series helps you identify options quickly – you can load up the screen with the thumbnails so you can your options quickly. From here you can also access to the series detail by clicking on a thumbnail, where you can view and download the variations of the framework and/or review the tutorial.
    • View Examples Only
      When you want to see examples only to get ideas for layout and formatting, you can bring up a screen full of examples to browse. You can click on the each example to see a larger view. From there you can either go back to your search results page or to the series detail page, where you can view and download the variations of the framework and/or review the tutorial.


When you are looking for a framework with a specific segment count but you are not sure which configuration (circular flow, spiral flow, etc.) you want to use, you can bring up all of the options so you can quickly make your selection. Either download from this view or click on the framework to get to the details and then to the tutorial.

Setting your defaults

Sign up for a subscriber or free registered user account to be able to save your preferences. After logging in click on the "Your Profile" link to go to your profile, where you can change the defaults. Your defaults will be prefilled into the view options anytime you begin a new search.

View option functionality is a powerful tool, one that can help you become more efficient during many phases of your presentation development process.

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