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Framework: BA006 – ba006_0203


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2 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
3 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: BA006 Bullet Alternatives 006 – Boxes on Foundation

Series Keywords: platform, stacked boxes, foundation, side-by-side boxes

Sometimes the bullets can go over the lead-in sentence/heading, especially if the lead-in sentence/heading is foundational to the bullets. This configuration will work very well in those instances. The boxes are drawn in 3D and do not have the 3D effect applied.

The sample and thumbnail for this framework series show a containment box below the thin platform/box, but you can choose downloads without it. Associated text below the thin platform does not need to be boxed – it looks very nice on its own. Whichever way you wish to use these frameworks, just be sure to use them consistently: use box or without box under platform but not both.

The series example uses different colors of the same basic value to create the divisions. We don't often promote the use of color to make segments distinct (we like to reserve color for highlighting and as a tool to add layers of information), but the colors in the example suggest individual entities within a group – so this is an acceptable exception. It's tricky coloring the segments so that they appear distinct if you use only one color, so refer to the tutorial for tips on how to get this done effectively.

The vertical dimensions for these frameworks can easily be changed to fit your content. The tutorial will also help you balance these frameworks once the content is on the slide.

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