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BA005 – Bullet Alternatives 005 – Shooting Bullets


This layout is a stylish way to show bulleted text – without the bullets. The example only cycles through the first three positions of the eight-bullet layout, but you get the idea. The animated example also provides a possible animation scheme, although none is really necessary.


  • The PowerPoint downloads are set up as agenda slides. This means that a five-bullet layout has five PowerPoint slides in the download, each slide has a different bullet highlighted. This makes it easy for you to slot each page into your presentation at the appropriate place.
  • If you choose to use these frameworks reduced as a graphic on your slide to introduce a text field (not as an agenda slide), download the EMF version and size and color as desired.

Refer to the tutorial for more formatting options.

Key search words: ball and box, bullet, highlights, graduated, shooting bullet

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Bullet Alternative 005 – Shooting Bullets

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BA005 – ba005_0002

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BA005 – ba005_0003

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BA005 – ba005_0004

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BA005 – ba005_0005

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BA005 – ba005_0006

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BA005 – ba005_0007

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BA005 – ba005_0008

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