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CN037 – Concept 037 – File Cabinet


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What makes the file cabinet useful is the animation. The drawers open and close. The layers are such that files can be placed within the drawers. The example for the series illustrates the concept of space utilization. Other concepts might be organization, retrieval, useful archived information, and so on.

This is a more advanced framework to format. There are a lot of layers, and they can be tricky. If you are not used to working with lots of layers, give yourself a bit time to work through the layer hierarchy. Even if you are good at ordering layers and animation, this may challenge you a bit.

The file cabinet downloads (v01 and v02) are gray, but you can change the color to whatever you like. It is also animated, but you can remove the animation and create your own scheme. If you choose not to use the animation, you can simply pull the drawer(s) out and add your message. The drawers are grouped and easy to move.

If you choose to use the moths flying out of the drawer, download v03. Be sure to order the moths on the proper layer so they fly out correctly. Add a scribble animation to bring them out of the drawer (see the downloadable animation example).

The folder download (v04) is a file folder that has papers in it. The nice thing about this download is that the pieces of the folder arelayered so that you can "stuff" it with your own material: contracts, pictures, research papers, etc. Just use the ordering tools to stuff the folder.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 037 – File Cabinet

Frameworks available in this series

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CN037 – cn037_v01

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CN037 – cn037_v02

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CN037 – cn037_v03

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CN037 – cn037_v04

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Links to instructions for getting the framework into your presentation

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