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EX001 – Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter

These Excel and Numbers worksheets serve two purposes:
  1. Timesheet to log work activities, including charge codes, description of work performed, expenses
  2. A time-to-decimal conversion utility.

We've found that keeping track of time is essential but not always convenient. With the advent of online time reporting comes the issue of finding a way to record time when you're not logged in or you can't log in to post your time. Or if you're a freelancer, maintaining an accurate record of time spent on projects is critical for billing (hourly) or cost management (contract price).

We've also found that some clients require online time submissions in decimal format, so hours and minutes need to be converted. It's also much easier to figure billing amounts with a decimal representation of the hours worked.

These timesheets are also able to log expenses and add them to the grand total.

Refer to the tutorial for specific ways to use the different versions (Excel and Numbers) of the Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Extras 001 – Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter

Frameworks available in this series

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EX001 – EX001_Excel_2003_Timesheet

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EX001 – EX001_Excel_2007_Timesheet

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EX001 – Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter Numbers

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Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter Numbers

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