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FR001 – Force 001 – Horizontally Segmented Funnels


These frameworks are used alone and with other frameworks (e.g., screens). The funnel can be used vertically as well as horizontally. The funnel implies a narrowing down of characteristics, refinement process, or process of elimination. When used with the screens, it implies a large number of objects going in and a small number of objects going out due to filtering.Without the screens it implies roughly the same thing or just a method of getting something large into a small place, like a real funnel.

You may wish to use segmented funnels: see FR010

There is another funnel series available. See if FR048 is better suited to your needs.

Key search words: process of elimination, funnel, qualifiers, selection criteria, distill, refine, sort, screen

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Forces 001 – Horizontally Segmented Funnels

Frameworks available in this series

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FR001 – 0001

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FR001 – 0002

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FR001 – 0003

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FR001 – 0004

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FR001 – 0005

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FR001 – 0006

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FR001 – 0007

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FR001 – 0008

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