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MP006 – Maps 006 – Africa


There are four variations of the Africa map, and these versions will allow you to create a wide variety of effects. The variations are:

  • Countries with lakes
  • Landmass, no lakes
  • Landmass with lakes
  • Outline (oceans)

The maps contain a lot of points, making them very large with which to work. PowerFrameworks has combined the fields on some of the versions, which reduces the size they add to a document. You will still be able to change the fill and line colors and add gradients and other special effects, but you won't be able to edit the individual points.

Refer to the tutorial for great ideas about how to use the PowerFrameworks maps. The variations are more comprehensive than other maps, which allows some unique applications.

Key search words: Africa, continent

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Maps 001-008 – World and Continent Maps

Frameworks available in this series

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MP006 – mp006_countries_with_lakes

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MP006 – mp006_landmass_no-lakes

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MP006 – mp006_landmass_with_lakes

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MP006 – mp006_oceans

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