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SL001 – Silhouettes 001 – Business Standing


Silhouettes can be used to enhance a number of message styles. The series example shows a person observing a photo of a broad network, which supports the message in the title of the slide better than the photograph alone. Groupings can be made of the silhouettes to broaden the possibilities. The silhouettes are fully customizable: line and fill colors and gradients can be added. Certain shadow effects can further enhance the silhouette appearance, e.g., no drop shadows, but long shadows make the silhouette appear more lifelike.

There is only one download for this series. All 50 of the figures are included on one PowerPoint slide. There are male and female business people in many attitudes, standing face forward and backward, and leaning.

Refer to the tutorial for more formatting and usage information.

Key search words: figures, silhouettes, people

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Silhouettes

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

SL001 – sl001_business_standing

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