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What is PowerFrameworks?

PowerFrameworks is a comprehensive library of fully customizable conceptual frameworks, visual analogies, and preformatted templates ready for download to set your "words into motion." Each month, new series are added to the library, making your subscription a dynamic and value-added presentation production tool and more …

What else is PowerFrameworks?

PowerFrameworks is a resource to help you think visually … present visually

  • Graphic concepts
    that visually support verbal and onscreen messages
  • Animation schemes
    that bring messages to life
  • Tutorials for every series of frameworks
    formatting techniques explained clearly to help you create polished, professional slides
  • PowerPoint techniques
    that make your presentation-development efforts run smoothly and raise the quality of your presentations
  • Layout ideas and best practices
    to help you effectively utilize the slide real estate.
  • Personal workspace
    for notes, ratings, project light boxes

You are invited to download and use sample frameworks with our compliments!

Free Samples

Also provided are …

  • Tutorials for each series
    help you customize the frameworks like a professional
  • Examples of concepts
    applied to the frameworks
  • Downloadable animation schemes
    that offer still more possibilities

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