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Best Practice

General Guidelines for the Production Process

Presentation processing techniques are as important as idea generation or iterating for tone. The way a presentation is processed can mean the difference between hitting a deadline or not. There are a few simple and smart guidelines to employ when going into a production process:

  1. Assign a production process gatekeeper to avoid double masters
  2. Ensure that you have input at the right times during the process
  3. Create templates before going into production
  4. Backward schedule from deadline so that you're sure to incorporate all the important presentation reviews and checkpoints for the process
  5. Single and double proofing the document during the process: know when to do each
  6. Develop a style sheet and agree on a reference source authority
  7. Schedule a kick-off meeting before production begins
  8. Schedule a postmortem to identify areas for improvement and bring the effectiveness of the team to a higher level for the next process.

Look for a best practice for each of these guidelines. Bring your team to peak performance by creating a proactive environment instead of a reactive one.