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Best Practice

Input at the right times during presentation-development process

When working as part of a team to develop a presentation, it's important to receive input from all of the team members, including possibly an editor, management overseer, research personnel, legal counsel, support personnel. Therefore, the presentation-development process needs to be choreographed to include opportunities for review in a way that doesn't disrupt the forward motion of the process. Work styles and availability factor heavily into setting up a road map for getting timely input.

Work styles

It's important to understand when during the development process it is appropriate for team members to provide input, but it's also important to understand the work styles. Does manager responsible for oversight like to see things in early stages and provide direction or see it near final state to bless it and add polish? Does the editor need time during the process to make sure everyone's "voice" blends into one voice and the structure is optimal or is it just a proofing process near the end of the effort? Can your production support add value to the effort in ways other than simply typing the message and laying it out? Should the material being presented be reviewed by the research or legal teams? At what point does this make sense?


Learn the schedules as soon as possible of all team members and extended team members during the production process. Plan ahead to make sure that means are available to send to and receive input from those who are out of the office for travel, vacations, etc.

A kick-off team meeting is an important event when planning a complex production process. This meeting is an excellent way to ascertain important information that will help set interim deadlines and meet the final deadline with the most comprehensive presentation possible.