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Best Practice

Rehearse Your Presentation

There are many ideas about why and when the rehearsals should take place. But most professional presenters agree that presentations should definitely be rehearsed.

Rehearsals allow you to time your presentation, so that you can fill the time you have allotted. Take into consideration time to introduce yourself and/or fellow presenters and a question and answer period if this is important to you.

Rehearsals before presentation goes final

Some presenters believe that they should rehearse the subject material before the document goes final, say at 50 percent completion of the production process, so that they can adjust the presentation to add important material, accommodate their presentation styles and strengths, and surface issues with the material.

An small objective audience can help target areas that are weak or overblown. It's a good test for the depth of information being presented.

Rehearsals after presentation goes final

Others believe that they are better served if they have the finished presentation in front of them so that they can adjust themselves to the material. This method requires that the drop-dead deadline for presentation production allows for the rehearsal time.

Sometimes there are multiple presenters, each taking a section pertaining to their expertise. It is important to review the whole presentation and rehearse together to get the flow and cadence established. Graceful segues can also be developed.