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Best Practice

Formatting Quotes

It's a very good idea to add a little formatting for quotes on a slide. PowerFrameworks has provided a few series to help you do this, but here is a simple way to set a quote up that you can also use. The example below is an idea that might be of use to you.

You can download the Powerpoint 2007 file for this set up or you can simply create it when you need it. Here are the steps:

  1. Insert a rounded-corner rectangle – don't worry about size at this point
  2. Type a beginning quote mark and then browse a font style that you like by highlighting the quote mark and then mousing over the font in your font menu.
  3. Select a color for your quote mark and apply it
  4. Increase the font size of the quote until it fits nicely in the upper right corner of the rectangle
  5. Step 5 is optional, but we like it very much. Save the quote mark as a picture and then drag it onto your slide – this removes the large text field that the quote mark occupies and also removes the need for layering text fields (quote mark with the quote text on top).
  6. Insert a text field to contain the quote (left-aligned plain text) and the source (right-aligned italicized text) and position it over the quote box/quote mark
  7. Resize the rounded-corner rectangle so that the text fits nicely within it.

You don't need to have a closing quote mark. It is implied.