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Best Practice

Establishing the Text Hierarchy in Your PowerPoint Slide Master

So often the text field in the slide master starts out with a bullet point. This is not really the most efficient starting point. The highest level of text is always a heading. Do you want your headings to be bulleted? Probably not.

Start your text hierarchy with left-aligned text with no hanging indent. The next level can begin the indented bullets, dashes, etc. This default hierarchy will compliment the levels you use when building your message. You'll also find that if you use this type of hierarchy, text will come in more cleanly when importing pages or text strings from other templates.

The second best practice about text hierarchy is font size. So many times subordinate text (lower-level indented text) is in a smaller font. Because it is subordinate to the main point above does not mean that it should be less readable. Refrain from using a smaller font size for subordinate text and rely on the indented hierarchy to make the distinction between levels of information.