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Concepts 011, 013

Artist-Drawn Bridges

Using the Artist-Drawn Bridges

This series contains an artist's renderings of bridges and gaps. The reason this artwork is useful is because the gap, bridges, and sections of the large bridge can be used together and animated as reveals to tell a story in ways that clipart or photographs never can. They all fit and work perfectly together.

The concepts that the bridges can illustrate are:

  • Bridging the gap
  • Spans
  • Delivery efficiencies
  • Overcoming a barrier or obstacle
  • When all three bridges are used, as in the series example for cn013, the concept of increasing the delivery capacity can be illustrated.

For a more stylized version of a bridge, see cn012.

These frameworks can be used alone or in combination. Animation reveals of gaps filling in or bridges being completed are possible combinations. The frameworks in this series are created so that a cut and paste process should put the combination together without any alignment necessary.

Download the bridge frameworks onto your desktop and then import them (using the steps below) into your presentation.

Customizing your PowerFrameworks Concept

Adjust size

If you want to change the size/shape of the PowerFramework(s), you'll need to get all of the frameworks on one page and then size them all together. When you paste them onto one page, they should be layered, one on top of the other. Select all together and resize all at once. Once resized, center the groups on the page again and then place the groups back on their respective pages. Then ungroup to proceed with other customizations. It is important to resize and adjust placement of all associated frameworks on one page so there is consistency from page to page. Also, if you want to cut/copy and paste a framework from another page to create animation reveals, they will be positioned correctly so that you can just apply the animation.

Color variations

Colored lines and/or fills can be applied to cn011 v2 and v4 and cn013 v1 and v2. If you are using PowerPoint 2007, you can apply a tint to the lines and fills for the bridges in cn011 v1 and v3 and cn013 v3 and v4. Use the picture formatting tools to recolor and apply a tint.

3D variations

Don't use 3Ds with these frameworks.


Don't use shadows on this type of framework.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Don't use gradients, patterns, or pictures with these frameworks.


Animation should be simple. For example, if you are filling in the gap in the bridge, just set it to fade in at medium or fast speed. If you follow the sizing instructions, it should be a simple process to copy/cut and paste the bridge gap and have it appear exactly where it should.

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