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Concepts 005


Using the Newspaper

The newspaper graphic is a fun way to "toot a horn," but it can be used in serious situations as well. The newspaper elements are PNGs, which means you will not be able to apply fill or line color. Think of the blank newspaper as a palette for your material, which can be colored and formatted. The other elements that we provide - headlines, text, photos, etc. - are filler materials. After you get your "announcement" place on the newspaper graphic, you may want to put another article on the page just to make the newspaper look more real. For ease of use, we have put all of the PNGs on PowerPoint pages. Just download the PowerPoint pages and then copy the downloaded page into your presentation.

You can use the generic newspaper names that we have provided or you can create your own newspaper name. Just use a bold and stylish font when you do so.

Customizing the Newspapers

Adjust size

To keep the same scale, hold the shift key down while sizing. Otherwise you'll have a newspaper that has weird dimensions and not at all realistic looking. Same with the filler elements.

Color variations

PNGs are not eligible for color changes.

3D variations

Do not apply 3D effects to the PNGs.


Don't apply shadows to the PNGs.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

PNGs are not eligible for this type of formatting.


These frameworks can be animated as reveals.

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