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Monthly Calendars

Using Calendars

Calendars are needed from time to time in presentations. Here is a set for 2007 that can be formatted to match your template colors.

Customizing the Calendars

Adjust size

These calendars are also set up without text. All of the days of the weeks and the dates are graphics, which means the frameworks can be grouped and sized without having to adjust font sizes. Be sure to group the calendar before sizing. Hold shift key down if you'd like to scale.

The font used for the calendars is Arial Black. The font cannot be changed, because it is a graphic.

Color variations

Select color from your document's color palette or a complimentary color so that the PowerFramework will reflect the color scheme of the rest of your document. Every aspect of the calendars can be accept a line and fill color, including the days of the week and the dates. Remember, they are not text elements any longer.

3D variations

3D should not be used with these frameworks.


Shadows should not be used with these frameworks.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients should probably not be used with these frameworks, unless they are ultrasubtle.


Animations can be simple or complicated. The downloadable animation example is rather complicated, but if it is taken a step at a time, very doable. For every day field that contains text, the day field was duplicated; and the text was put in the duplicate field and placed over the empty field. That way, the calendar looks complete (no missing fields) before the text is clicked into existence. Lines that span several days should wipe from the left.

Be sure to download the animation schemes for both calendars, as they are different because the information presented in each is different.

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