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Concepts 003

Locks and Keys

Using the Lock and Key Concepts

Keys and locks can illustrate a multitude of concepts: unlocking the future (as in the example), key to success, correct choices, problems and solutions, entry and barriers to entry, selective access, and so on. Although this concept works well with just the key and the lock, being able to insert the key into the lock makes a stronger statement. A big part of this framework concept is the ability to animate the key going into the lock. Be sure to look at the downloadable animation example to see how this can be done effectively.

Customizing the Locks and Keys

Adjust size

If you want to change the size/shape of locks and keys, be sure to group all of the elements/groups and resize the entire group together. Once resized, ungroup and proceed with other customizations. It is particularly important that you maintain the sizing so that the key will fit into the keyhole in the lock.

Color variations

When working with the framework variations that can be colorized, you'll need to understand a few things about how the frameworks are constructed. They are set up like clipart in many ways. The graphic below shows all the different fields in the framework. You should not apply any line colors. The lines are actually made by a darker field behind the surface field. This is necessary due to the slice of the framework that makes the animation possible.

The three fields of the editable versions of the locks and keys are already grouped. You don't need to ungroup them to work with them. Also, bear in mind that they are also perfectly sized.

Look at the graphic below to guide you through coloring fields within groups. This is an important technique to master, not only here but in many other instances when working in PowerPoint.

3D variations

These frameworks are already drawn as 3D. Do not apply a 3D effect to them.


Do not apply a shadow to these frameworks.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Do not apply gradients, patterns, or pictures to these unless you do not use the overlaying half lock. It's too hard to match up the gradients, etc.


The layering is already set in the downloads. But if they get out of order, the graphic below will show you how to make the layering correct again.

After you have colored the fields within the groups, you will need to realign them.

Applying the animation scheme is really simple, but a little fine tuning will be in order after it is applied.

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