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Concepts 067

Faucet and Pipe/Flow and Leakage

Using the Faucet

The faucet is a good metaphor for flows and leakages. The concept can be applied to cash flows, deal flows, production, employee effectiveness, and on and on. The many variations provided – pipe leaking, fitting failure, ineffective coupling, bad fixes, effective fix, various flows – all help tell the story in successive illustrations. The fittings are also able to contain text if you wish. The knob can signify management, for instance.

The buckets can be added to complete a concept: something to hold or receive the outflow. The buckets can be labeled and can show a waterline or be empty. These buckets can also be used in other concepts: distribution, disbursements, classifications, etc.

Customizing your PowerFrameworks Concept

Adjust size

These concepts are available in two downloads, each containing all of the variations. The variations are sized and positioned perfectly so that you can just apply color and fill in the text. Just delete those not needed. If you need to resize, place them all on one page and resize together and then reposition together; then distribute them to their own pages again. This is important for the sake of continuity and consistency.

Color variations

Color the faucet in realistic grays or bronzes or use your company's colors. Each of the areas of the drawings are grouped, e.g., the knob is grouped, the faucet is grouped, the various flows are grouped. This will make it easy for you to format – you won't have lots and lots of fields to contend with as your applying colors. Ungroup the area you wish to format, apply formatting, regroup, and move to the next group to do the same.

3D variations

3D does not look good with illustrations.


Don't use shadows on this type of framework.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

You can use gradients to add a 3D effect. Check out the example below: the gradient is light on top and darker below, which suggests that light is coming from the top. This is only one gradient scheme you can use, others also work well.


The downloadable animation scheme does not use animation. Animation does not realistically handle water leakages very well. We recommend just transitioning from slide to slide to tell this story.

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