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Power Chart

Animated Pendulum

The Pendulum Swings

This Power Chart is a gem: a pendulum that swings in both directions smoothly, either manually or as an animated object. The pendulum is a great device for demonstrating swing/change on a measurement grid. Some concepts that might benefit from using the pendulum are changes or shifts in sentiment, popularity, and acceptability or demonstrating extremes, opposites, and polarity.

We've seen pendulums used in presentations before, but we've never seen them animated. The difficulty has always been getting the pendulum to pivot at the correct point - the top! Well, the problem has been solved. You now have a pendulum that you can animate to move back and forth across a grid, stopping at precise points.

The pendulum is actually grouped with two fields (an extension point and counterbalance) that are off the active area of the slide (not visible), which makes it possible to place the pendulum's pivot point in the center/middle of the group. The pendulum group is, therefore, perfectly set up to accept the spin animation effect, which can be set for clockwise and counterclockwise movement at precise percentages and various speeds.

The pendulum series is - CN047. Subscribers can click here to download the animated example and see the pendulum in action. Also be sure to review the series tutorial for animation tips.

We know you'll find it useful and impactful.