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Concepts 047


Using the Pendulum

The pendulum is a good concept to measure swing/change on a measurement grid. This framework works best when animated, enabling the pendulum to swing to whatever positions on the grid that are needed.

These frameworks are only offered as PowerPoint downloads due to the specialized layout required to allow for the spin animation that swings the pendulum. See the animation section below for specifics.

Customizing your PowerFrameworks Concept

Adjust size

Group and size as one field if you need to resize the pendulum and measurement grid. When you ungroup to continue formatting, ungroup only once. Do not ungroup the pendulum group, as the pendulum group is needed so you can easily manually spin or apply animated spin. Below shows how the pendulum group is constructed and why. Notice that the pivot point for the pendulum group is the center/middle of the group.

Color variations

Color in accordance with your color palette or use gold tones for a realistic coloring. You can also put a logo, icon, or picture in the large, rounded part of the pendulum for added impact. Color can be used as a tool with this framework. The measurement grid can accept different colors for each section. Color in different hues, as in the example above, indicate gaining in intensity, effectiveness, or ...

2007 options

The pendulums really come to life with the application of bevels. Every one of the above pendulums have a different bevel applied. They look real! The backgrounds can also have bevels applied if you want, or just use the shadow effects to lift the whole graphic off the page. The other effects don't work really well with this framework: avoid using the reflection, glow, and softened edges effects.

3D variations

3D does not work well applied to the pendulum. The different fields on the pendulum don't layer well when 3D is applied. This is true even at very shallow depths.


Don't use shadows on this type of framework. When a pendulum swings, its shadow needs to move. The shadow effects in PowerPoint don't do this well enough to appear realistic.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

You can use gradients to enhance the 3D effect. Be sure not to make the gradient variance too extreme. A slight variance works best.


Animation can be set so that the pendulum swings in one direction and then the next until the story is told. It is very easy to set the animation spin percentages and directions that allow the pendulum to swing in both directions with precision. It is a little bit of a trial and error effort to get the pendulum positioned on the grid, however.

Follow the instructions below to animate the pendulum to swing.

Now the pendulum will swing on its pivot point. You can let the pendulum do your talking as it goes from one measurement or category to the next.

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