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Best Practice

Consistent use of color in presentations

It's important to apply color consistently within presentations. Color can be an powerful tool to help your audience connect with and interpret your message.

The example to the right shows a consistent application of colors for the regions, regardless of whether the charts are data-driven or conceptual. Audiences quickly learn to look for colors as identifiers if the colors are applied consistently.

Pre-PowerPoint 2007 versions have a maximum of eight preset template colors that can be accessed/used in both conceptual and data-driven charts. Sometimes, however, more colors are needed than these eight preset template colors. The additional colors that are available for both conceptual and data-driven charts are few and usually don't blend very well with a template's color palette. This has been a long-standing limitation and problem.

Good news! This problem has gone away in PowerPoint 2007. There are no more color limitations at all in PowerPoint 2007. Microsoft Graph (used to plot data-driven charts) has been replaced with Excel, which has access to all color choices through enhanced color formatting capabilities just like those in PowerPoint. Using color as a tool is powerful, and this new PowerPoint 2007 functionality alone should prompt you to upgrade.