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Design Elements 015

Frame Corners

Using the Corners

These corner design elements add a little elegance and structure to a bulleted list or a text-intensive slide. The series example pairs these corner design elements with a variation in de_009 (the rectangle that contains the photo). Each of the corner downloads has a unique appearance. The attributes are either dark or light gradients, different bevels applied to the boundary lines, or no fill gradient (only a gradient on the boundary line). Look carefully at the thumbnails before selecting a download or download a few and use the set that works best with your template's background. Some of the corner sets work better with a very dark backgrounds, some with medium backgrounds, and some with very light backgrounds. The thumbnail background will help to guide you as to which is which. The series example, however, uses a corner that is typically used with a dark background, so some corners can be used for several types of backgrounds. Just use the set that provides the most contrast to your text so the text will be clearly readable.

Customizing the Corners


Each download has three variations. The three variations are developed so you don't have to do too much sizing. Sizing these types of graphics changes the gradient values and line sizes. It's best to choose the variation that best matches the size you need and then resize as little as possible.


There are many ways to use these corners and format them.

  • Pre-PowerPoint 2007: even though the corners are PNGs and are not eligible to accept line and fill colors, over-/underlaying fields that have colors, gradients, and some transparency add a nice effect (see example below). The series example uses a gradient overlay like this.
  • PowerPoint 2007: You can use the same technique as above in PowerPoint 2007, or you can apply color presets to the corners as shown below.

3D variations

These frameworks cannot accept 3D effects.


The corners will accept shadows, but the shadows don't add much to the corners. If you want to add color, use the techniques above rather than adding a colored shadow.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Use the techniques above to apply gradients to these corners.


Animations should be selected that will enhance the meaning of the message, not merely to add interest to the slide. Simple reveals and fades work well. Do not animate the design element separately from the photograph/graphic/text with which it is associated.

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