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Emphasis 010


Using the Bursts/Explosions

This series offers very nice frameworks for surprise, explosion, or bursting onto the scene. They can be used alone or formatted for different looks by adding a similarly shaped field with color and center-radiating gradient. The series example uses just such a color/gradient overlay. The sets are offered in three different variation: black, white, and color (which looks like an explosion). Be sure to scroll down to see all the variations before selecting a download.

As with any element on your slide that is used for emphasis, the animation can be dramatic – be imaginative and have a little fun with these elements in your presentations.

Customizing the Bursts/Explosions


If you need to resize, hold the shift key down and resize so that the png is scaled and does not skew.


The color options are different, depending on which PowerPoint version you are using:

  • Pre-PowerPoint 2007: line and fill colors cannot be applied to these bursts/explosions. They are PNGs and cannot take this type of formatting. There is a set in this series that has already been colored like explosions, however. Alternatively, the best way to add colors is by introducing another similarly shaped field with color and gradient. The possibilities are nearly endless using this method. See a few alternatives below:

  • PowerPoint 2007: there are way more options here for colorizing these PNGs. But there are restrictions. The colors actually come in lighter than the chosen color.

    Process: to change the color of the PNG, simply click on the PNG and make it active, then click on "Format" on the main ribbon. Then select "Recolor" and then "More Variations." You'll have full access to the RGB color mixture palette. As previously mentioned, the color does not translate exactly to the PNG. It is generally lighter. Use the color slide to darken if you wish.

3D variations

These frameworks cannot accept 3D effects.


Don't use shadows with these design elements.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

The gradients come by way of an overlay or an underlay as described in the "color" section above: don't apply gradients directly to the PNGs.


Since it is a design element, which can also be used as a bullet alternative layout, simple reveals are all that are needed.

Animations should be selected that will enhance the meaning of the message, not merely to add interest to the slide. Do not animate the design element separately from the photograph/graphic/text with which it is associated.

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