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Concepts 001, 031


Using Stairs

The stairs concepts are great to use as an alternative to standard horizontal flows. They add another aspect: an elevated or exalted goal. Each step is actually a step up, indicating higher functionality, performance, etc.

Series cn001 contains 1D and 3D frameworks. Below are examples of each as they appear ready for download. Series cn031 contains 1D frameworks only.

Drawn 1D framework Drawn 3D framework

The following are how these frameworks appear after customizations. It is important to remember the different uses and effects when making your selection for download.

Drawn 1D framework with 3D applied Drawn 3D framework with color applied

Notice the differences in color? It is important to keep the color differences in mind when selecting your framework. Using the 1D framework with the 3D effect applied offers much less control over color. The drawn 3D framework with three different hues of the same color applied gives you much more control.

Once you have identified the best-suited PowerFramework, download it to a specific location on your computer so you'll be able to find it (the desktop is always a good choice).

Customizing your PowerFrameworks Stairs

Adjust size

Some of the frameworks consist of many fields and some consist of only one. Remember to group the frameworks that have many fields before sizing so that the integrity of the framework is maintained.

Color variations

Coloring these frameworks takes some thought. The framework on the left is the framework that is 1D (just the outline of the 5-step staircase). It was first colored gold and then a 3D effect was applied. See the distortion of the color? It is much more muddy and, therefore, does not reflect your palette's colors very closely. The framework on the right is the 5-step staircase with the 3D effect drawn instead of applied through PowerPoint. The colors are consistent with your color palette. When coloring, the top of the steps need to be lighter than the rise. The sliced part of the stairs where you put your text should be sufficiently light or dark in order to get a good contrast between background and text.

3D variations

See colors above for 3D applications and tips. While you may want to apply 3D to the left-hand framework above, you definitely do not want to apply 3D to the framework on the right-hand side above. The right-hand framework has been drawn as 3D so to apply 3D would ruin it.


Don't use with this type of framework. Shadows won't add interest or depth.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

The example at the very top of the tutorial shows what the framework looks like after a photograph has been imported. You can also apply a gradient to the broad, slice part of the framework, but not to the steps or the rises.

Refer to this FAQ for instruction on importing a photograph or image, as in the series example: How do I create photographs in different shapes from rectangular photographs?


Instead of animating the framework, you may want to consider just animating the text as reveals.

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