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Concepts 023


Using the Clipboard

The clipboard can be used to present checklists. Even though clipboards are "low tech" and not actually used all that often any longer, they are iconic and deliver a clear message. There are two versions of the clipboard: v01 has a woodgrain and v02 is generic. They are drawn as PNGs, which means that they are not editable in pre-PowerPoint 2007 versions. In PowerPoint 2007, the clipboards can be tinted just as a photograph can be tinted. See the tutorial and FAQ for formatting tips.

The check marks and Xes can be found in series to010. These two series work well together.

Customizing the Clipboard

Adjust size

To keep the same scale, hold the shift key down while sizing.

Color variations

PNGs are not eligible for color changes in PowerPoint versions prior to PowerPoint 2007. The clipboards, however, are drawn with degrees of transparency so that a template's background shows through. The example above shows the level of transparency you can expect.

PowerPoint 2007

All of the clipboards above are recolored as a photograph is recolored in PowerPoint 2007: click on the clipboard, click on Format, and then click on Recolor. Then select the desired tint. The first two clipboards are recolored using preset dark variations and the last two are recolored using preset light variations. If you don't like the preset colors, click on more variations to access the full array of colors. You need to set the transparency on any colors you select from more variations, as the color comes in as a preset dark variation.

3D variations

Do not add 3D to the PNGs.


Don't apply shadows to the PNGs.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

PNGs are not eligible for this type of formatting.


These frameworks can be animated as reveals.

Click on a name for more information.
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