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Blend of Data-Driven Chart and Text Table

Blend of Data-Driven Chart and Text Table

The slide is the perfect blend of data and text – a wonderfully visual alternative to information typically laid out in a text table.Clearly, the educator and innovator activities are being expanded and the facilitator and administrator activities are being reduced.

This slide is simple and elegant.It is also easy to develop, requiring only a few steps.

  1. Develop the data-driven stacked columns, including the section and value color selections (use dd008_v3_100).
  2. Duplicate the data-driven stacked column chart and place duplicate off the page (onto the gray area that surrounds the slide as shown in the example below). It’s important to keep this duplicate of the chart in case the percentages change.
  3. Ungroup the original data-driven chart and remove the baseline and the background and space the columns of segments.

This slide was provided by a PowerFrameworks subscriber.This is a sanitized version of a slide that was used as part of a series of slides that redefined roles within their firm.There are many applications for this type of slide, however.