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Best Practice

Don't split numbers and units

It's never a good idea for numbers and units to be separated by a line break (in fact, in some firms it is the preferred rule of style to keep phrases like this from being split). To prevent splits from happening, always format these phrases in the following manner:


Hold the alt key down while keying 0160 between the number and unit. Make sure that there are no spaces in the phrase. Applying this type of formatting will bind the two words together so that they cannot be split. This will save you proofing time and also save you from other less desirable types of fixes for this problem (e.g., forced line breaks).

It is also a good idea not to allow people's, companies', or place names to be split by a line break. This formatting technique will, of course, also eliminate these possibilities.

Jim[alt-0160]Granthouse, Schafternly[alt-0160]and[alt-0160] Associates,[alt-0160]Inc., San[alt-0160]Francisco,

This fix is for PowerPoint users.