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Best Practice

All charts with data need identifiers or sources (or both)

Whenever numbers are used on a page, they had to come from somewhere. They are either the result of your analysis, drawn from a source, or simply made up and used as an example. These numbers need to be qualified and/or sourced.

  1. If the data you provide is from your [company's] analysis, then a simple source line at the bottom of the slide that says "[your company's name] analysis"
  2. If the data is drawn from a specific source, give credit to that source. Avoid using "industry literature" or other nonspecific source credit.
  3. Sometimes data is used to illustrate a concept or formula. If data is used in this manner, place a qualifier on the page (use to004 for a consistent set of qualifiers). These qualifiers will let the audience know that they are examples only or preliminary numbers that will change or estimates, etc.

Be sure you qualify your data. Qualifying data helps to establish credibility.