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Concepts 036

Prism and Spectrum

Using the Prism and Spectrum

There are three PowerPoint downloads. The thumbnails have a description of the characteristics for each.

Customizing the Prism and Spectrum

Adjust size

To keep the same scale, hold the shift key down while sizing.

Color variations

The prism part of the illustration can accept both line and fill colors, although you may want to keep it as a semitransparent light gray so that it looks like a stylized crystal. The light on the left that goes into the prism and the spectrum of colors on the right that go out of the prism are PNGs and cannot accept line and fill colors. They can be recolored as a picture in PowerPoint 2007, but doing so may make the concept less effective. The light shows up best against some sort of background.

PowerPoint 2007

The prism and spectrum illustration should be use as is, without formatting embellishments.

3D variations

Do not add 3D to any of the elements in this illustration


Don't apply shadows to any of the elements in this illustration.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Don't apply any formatting of these types to any of the elements in this illustration.


This illustration works best when animated with wipes. Have each appear in one movement, one after the other, as it would happen naturally: light hits prism and refracts into a spectrum of colors, almost instantaneously.

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