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Best Practice

Be careful with the terms that you use in presentations

One of the most frequent misuses of terms is "bottoms up" instead of the correct "bottom up." Bottom up refers to an upward movement, reversed hierarchy, or building from a foundational level. Bottoms up is a common drinking phrase. The opposite is top down, which doesn't get misused as often – stay away from "tops down." Another misused term is "stand-along" instead of the correct "stand-alone." Misused terms tend to briefly tear your audience's attention away from you and your message.

Make sure you proof for word usage along with the more common search for spelling and grammar errors.

Also, be careful about making up words and phrases. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. The word "bluechipiness" was used in a presentation. The audience smiled in appreciation because it painted a vivid mental picture. The word bounced around the office and showed up in presentations for a short while after that, but didn't have staying power. Overuse of these types of terms seem gimmicky.