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Animated Jump-Through-Hoops Technique

The jump-through-hoops concept is common enough as a spoken analogy/metaphor, but it is rarely if ever illustrated onscreen in presentations … until now. Animation makes this concept come alive. The animated gif shown here only gives you the general idea, but animating this concept in PowerPoint allows for the complete effect of an object jumping through hoops. Subscribers can click the link at the top of this article to download the animated example

These hoops are unique – you will not see these anywhere … except at PowerFrameworks. The hoops are Concepts CN027 series. They cannot be created and formatted in PowerPoint 2007 because the hoops need to be split in a specific manner, so it is an important addition to the PowerFrameworks library. The beveled semitransparent hoops/hoop segments are backed by a field that can accept color – any color – so they can easily take on your template's colors.

Formatting and animating the hoops are a little tricky, so be sure to review the tutorial for tips. Enjoy.

Please note the flash file on the right is large and may take awhile to load.