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Concepts 060

Closed Circuit Flow

Using the Closed Circuit Flow

This series illustrates for a "closed circuit" or a closed process. The plugs are interchangeable (fully in, halfway in, and out), creating the possibility for each box to be in a different state. In fact, the the power sources, center boxes, and the consolidation boxes can be interchanged as well. There are lots of configuration possibilities.

Customizing the Closed Circuit

Adjust size

If you want to change the size/shape of closed circuit, be sure to group al of the elements/groups and resize them all together. Once resized, ungroup and proceed with other customizations.

The lines spike if the point size is too large. Reduce the line point size to under 1 pt if they spike.

Color variations

There are many fields and a significant amount of layering with the closed circuits. Therefore, the process of applying line and fill colors will take a little more time than usual. The download will be grouped, but you don't need to ungroup to apply colors – it's optional. Apply colors from your template's palette. The underside of the boxes and plugs can be darker (see the series example or the downloadable animation scheme for an idea of how to do this).

3D variations

These frameworks are already drawn as 3D. Do not apply a 3D effect.


Do not apply a shadow to these frameworks.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

You can apply gradients to the fields, but apply them consistently. They will add to the 3D effect of the graphic.


You will need to ungroup the download if you want to apply animation. Then regroup the portions that you wish to animate. Be mindful of the layering, however.

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