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PowerPoint Commercials for Your Company

This little commercial was developed using PowerPoint 2007 only.

A commercial like this can be developed and put into your bag of tricks, to be brought out when the occasion arises. There are a number of instances that might call for a company commercial.

  1. It can be used as the first or last slide in a marketing or fund-raising presentation.
  2. Many types of gatherings will frequently splice together a group of slides provided by participants or presenters to create a loop that will run passively in the background.
  3. A commercial slide like this can be used in pre- and postpresentation loops.
  4. Since the content is developed completely in PowerPoint 2007, they are an inexpensive way to create content for your website. It's fairly easy with programs like Camtasia to record a slide show like this and have your programmer post it to your website.

Are these commercials difficult to develop?

This was developed by a "nondesigner" who understands PowerPoint animation capabilities and is fairly good at laying content out on a slide. The message should be brief, the photographs should be positive and create anticipation, and the color and moving parts should be interesting and in sync.

This type of commercial is not easily broken down into development steps; and due to the nature of this feature article, there is no downloadable PDF. But we've included a download of this commercial (without the photographs) so you are able to review the graphic elements and the animation scheme that were used to create the effects. The commercial lasts about 17 seconds, but notice that all of the animation is formatted to "start with previous." The appearance and movement for each element is established by staggered delay times. This animation download is pre-PowerPoint 2007, so everyone will be able to see how it was built. The reason PowerPoint 2007 was used to develop the commercial shown in the flash above was because of its photograph formatting capabilities. The animation capabilities are the same, however, in both PowerPoint application versions.