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Power Chart


Here's a very unique and interesting way to show what's on your "radar screen." The scope is from series CN074 and the radar screen and spinning radar wave are from RE044. It just takes a moment to combine them to create this concept.

There are lots of moving parts in this chart: the spinning radar wave and the dots that are making their way to the center. It appears more difficult than it really is to get them all working together. Refer to the tutorial for RE044 to see how to animate the different elements. Basically, animate one dot and then duplicate it as many times as you need dots, place the copied dots around the radar screen, and adjust the ending point of the animation. Do one dot at a time – with all of the steps – so you don't get lost in all of the animation arrows. It only takes a few minutes to set get all the dots duplicated, placed, and adjusted. The radar wave simply spins. All moving parts are set to activate on one click.

You can place an icon or photograph in the center to signify the target's meaning if you want. This type of chart is not necessarily used to provide hard data, just a general sense of what is happening within the arena you're discussing. It should be used to run passively in the background as the presenter speaks.

This is not necessarily a novelty chart. Several can be used as a theme within the presentation to support a several topics for discussion. Beyond that it might be perceived as gimmicky.