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Power Chart

Animated Pacman-style graphic

This "pacman"-style graphic moves from left to right across the slide and consumes whatever is in its path. The "predator" can be colored, filled, or contain any graphic you choose to make it more relevant to your message. The consumables (little dots) can also be colored, filled, or contain logos or icons so that your message is more visual and relevant.

We were going to simply provide this Power Chart as a download, but decided to add it to the library of series. We hope that by adding it to the library you won't overlook it as a possibility as you are browsing for ideas. It is FR030.

Download the animated PowerPoint example to see how it works. The instructions for formatting and animating this concept are in the tutorial for FR030. Once you understand the motion and spin sequences, you can do anything you want with this concept. Click here to go to the tutorial.

We hope you enjoy using this fun and engaging concept.