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Power Chart

Encapsulation Idea/Technique

An object within a bubble suggests that it is protected; isolated; or, in this case, inactive. The object is released when the bubble opens, moves away, and fades. It's an interesting way to visually present a difficult concept.

You might think that it is difficult to set this concept up on a slide, but it is surprisingly simple. You can accomplish the task of opening the bubble with only one animation: the Fly Out exit option. Make the top half of the split bubble (two fields) active, apply Fly Out animation, and choose the direction you want it to move. Do the same for the bottom half of the bubble – very easy. The bubbles can be found in series CN048.

The animation scheme that is used in the Power Chart is a little more involved: the bubble floats in and the top half of the bubble spins to the right as it exits. Download the animated example to examine the formatting and review the tutorial. Taken step by step, the layering and animations are easily doable.

We're sure you can use this idea in your presentations.