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Power Chart

Tiled Logos Technique

Here's a stylish way to develop a slide full of your customers' logos. It is worthwhile spending a little time developing this slide because it can be used again and again. Once done, it will only need to be updated periodically.

This slide was done in PowerPoint 2007 because we wanted to use the bevel effect. Follow these directions:

  • Develop a grid of equally sized beveled rectangles – make sure they are aligned and distributed perfectly
  • Arrange and rearrange the logos over the grid until you like the effect
  • Size the logos to the exact size of the bevels
  • For logos that span more than one grid rectangle, make one copy the logo for each grid rectangle the logo spans
  • Crop the logo copies so that each piece of the logo was perfectly sized to an individual grid rectangle in the span
  • To import the logos/logo pieces, simply cut (Ctrl x) the logo/logo piece
  • Right click on the grid rectangle into which you'd like to import the logo/logo piece
  • Select Format Shape
  • Click on Picture or texture fill
  • Click on Clipboard
  • Repeat this until you've imported all the logos/logo pieces into all of the grid rectangles.

The bevels can't be used in PowerPoint 2003, but the logos can be arranged on a grid and then cropped to perfectly match the grid rectangles. Then just place a suitably colored border around each. The effect is almost the same but without the 3D effect that the bevel provides.

This slide is a polished portrayal of your client list or any other slide that you would use with logos. It will take a little while to develop this slide, but it is a good one to keep in your cupboard for frequent use.