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Best Practice

Format for your flow arrows

Don't miss opportunities to format the arrows you use to connect two objects. Simple arrows are typically used to flow one object to the next, but there are alternatives.

In the example to the right, you see that the flow suggests a screening or process of elimination. The top group of many flows into a group of fewer. Using an arrow that has subarrows can convey a stronger many-to-few flow message.

If you want to add a little design pizazz, the arrow from the second group to the third group is an arrow formatted with a gradient under a chevron formatted with a gradient. The effect is nice.

The single arrow with a gradient is most commonly seen; but, with a little gradient formatting, it looks better. The hard edge at the beginning of the arrow shaft has been eliminated. As a result, the two objects look more connected than if an arrow with hard start and point edges is used.

Think of ways to format your flow arrows. They usually get the least amount of attention on a slide, but can add to the message and aesthetic appeal of the slide if they are formatted with purpose.