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Power Chart

Animated Broadcast Technique

Here's a nifty little animation technique to help you illustrate broadcasting a message. The Power Chart uses a tower as the broadcast point, but you can use your company's logo as the broadcast point, a person, or just about any other graphic or photograph you want.

Click on the link above to download the animated example. The tower is included in the download, and you're welcome to use it in your own presentations if you wish. Also see series SG031 for broadcast arcs. This series was developed after this Power Chart, and has very useful graphics for this type of chart.

The animation scheme

There are only three broadcast circles. They are set to zoom and fade, one after the other. Then they are formatted to repeat until the end of the slide. This means you can click to introduce more information.

The words "Quality," "Value," "Efficiency," and "Relevance" are formatted with a zoom and motion path, which happen all at once. The subordinate text is introduced with clicks.

Take a look at the animation scheme formatting in the "Custom animation" menu. You'll see that it is pretty easy to replicate. You can also use the downloadable animation example as a jumping off point. Put your own broadcast words in and text.

Enjoy this unique way to illustrate a useful concept!