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Broadcast lines

Using the Broadcast Lines

The lines in this series can be used as connectors with Network series RE001 and RE074. The lines can be used to connect the surrounding circle of circles with the center circle. They're simple to line up: select, for example a set from RE074 with 9 circles and a set from TO029 with 9 lines. Before you ungroup them, center them vertically and horizontally. They will be aligned and ready to format when you ungroup them.

Another use might be to place high-point-size lines within a circle to create spokes for a wheel.

They can also be used as a fade in element over a circle to section it. Just vertically an horizontally align the grouped lines with the circle and resize either the group of lines or the circle for a perfect fit.

It's difficult to draw group of lines like are contained in this series in a circle or in an arc. The distribution of the lines are equidistant. Each line is separate: all lines stem from the center, they do not intersect the center.

Once you have identified the best-suited set of broadcast lines, download it to a specific location on your computer so you’ll be able to find it (the desktop is always a good choice).

Customizing the Broadcast Lines


You'll always want to group these lines before sizing. You'll also want to hold the shift key down as you size, which will scale the group and keep it a perfect circle.


Select color from your document’s color palette or a complimentary color so that the broadcast lines will reflect the color scheme of the rest of your document. Change the line point size if you want thinner or heaver lines.

3D variations

Don't use 3D on the lines unless you're using the lines as spokes for a wheel. Then be sure that the hub and tire parts are 3D as well.


A shadow effect adds interest and dimension to a graphic, which can be accomplished within PowerPoint after the framework has been imported. Shadows in pre-PowerPoint 2007 aren't as effective as the shadows that can be applied in PowerPoint 2007. Be sure that if you use shadows, that shadows are applied to all of the parts of the graphic. If the shadows diminish the concept in any way, do not use them. Sometimes a shadow will detract from the realism of an object, especially if there is animation involved.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients can be applied only in PowerPoint 2007. Use gradients carefully, making sure that there is enough contrast between the line and the background. Otherwise, parts of the line will disappear/fade into the background.


Animations should be selected that will enhance the meaning of the message, not merely to add interest to the slide. Motion animations can be added, but you have to be pretty good at animating to attempt this.

You can add a wipe animation that will draw the line from one object to the next. Because of the multiple directions, each will have to be animated separately. This will take a little time, but the results may be just right to help convey your message(s).

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