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Animated Clock in Agenda

Clocks can be used to liven up onscreen agenda slide. Replace the typically used, hard-to-read table of times and topics and replace with a clock with moving hands and large-font topics that fade in and out. These slides are for on-screen presentations only and they are unique.

In addition to agenda slides, they can be used to convey the passing of time, a deadline, an awaited event, or other time-related concept. Don't be afraid to attempt to create these slides in your presentations. The animated download has all the animated clocks in 5-minute increments and the following tutorial will teach you how to calculate the spin animation for both hands.

Animating the clock from one time to the next time and so on (as in the animated example): create the first spin animation to the desired time. To add another half-hour, for example, simply create another animation scheme to begin on a click using the formulas above: small hand spins 15% and large hand spins 180%. Simply animate using the basic formulas. You don't have to perform any calculations based on where the hands are on the face of the clock, just add the new spins as a second, third, fourth, and so on (see the downloadable animated example to see this in action).