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Tutorial for Tools 031 – Hand-Drawn Shapes

Using the Hand-Drawn Shapes

This collection of hand-drawn elements will add much to slides that need to show a free-hand markup or embellishment. Sometimes it's better to underline something with a line that appears as if it were jotted onto the page by the author, which will add a different type of emphasis than usual.

All of the graphics are deliberately "off" a little so they look hand-drawn. There are several versions of the same object in case a few are needed on a slide. If they were all the same, the overall effect would cease to look hand-drawn.

The graphics in the series are in different sizes. It is important that the graphic that is the closest to the actual size you need be used, because it will keep the pencil./pen size the same. Otherwise you'll have very thin- and thick-looking pens on the same slide, which won't appear realistic.

Customizing the Hand-Drawn Shapes

Adjust size

Most of these shapes are one field, so you can just select and size. Some are more than one field, which you will need to group before resizing. If you'd like to rescale instead of resize, hold the shift key down as you resize.

Color variations

The graphics receive their color with fills only. You don't need to apply a line color to it unless you want the line thicker. The graphics are easy to format, size, and use. There is no animation example for this series, since the graphics cannot be animated as if being drawn on the slide.

3D variations

Since these are used to represent something written on a page, do not add 3D.


Since these are used to represent something written on a page, do not add shadows.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Since these are used to represent something written on a page, do not add any of these effects.


These shapes should be animated as simple reveals for all shapes except lines. Lines can be animated with wipes. There is no animation scheme that will "draw" the shape onto the slide.

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Possible use example

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