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Best Practice

Spacing in Text

There is a growing practice of placing a space between words and a "/" or after an open paragraph symbol "(" and close paragraph symbol ")". The premise is that it makes the words around these symbols more clearly legible. If you have decided to do this type of formatting in your presentations/documents, then it must be done consistently and it must be done in a specific manner.

  • Consistency is a hallmark of a professional produced presentations. All punctuation styles must be consistent.
  • This type of punctuation style choice must be formatted very specifically: instead of placing spaces between the punctuation, a "binding" space must be added: key in Alt-160 instead of just hitting the space bar. This binding space will not allow the phrase to be split.

You'll avoid issues like these:

  • The dog's performance was fun
    / exciting to watch
  • The professor was in rare form ( which was refreshing
    ), and he held our attention for hours.

These issues are usually not a problem when keying the initial input, but they crop up frequently and go unnoticed during the editing process. Keep the possibility of creating a problem like this from happening by getting into the habit of using an Alt-160 instead of the space bar when formatting this type of text.