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Best Practice

Process Flow and Schematic Line Animations


Animating lines for process flows or schematics needs to be approached in a very particular way. Download the animation scheme and notice that every line is comprised of several line segments to connect each of the two fields. This formatting is specifically for animation purposes.

Since animation cannot change directions, the lines need to be developed in segments. This is a best practice even if you are not using line bridges. If you have a left turn, a turn up and another left turn, then you need to have three line segments to represent the one line.

  • Start by creating one whole line without connector lines (specific type of line that connects to other lines and objects). You will have one continuous line including a line bridge to connect the two objects on your slide.
  • Copy the line twice and align all three lines (original and two copies) so that they are layered on top of each other.
  • Begin removing the points on each of the lines until you have three segments as shown below.

You can now animate the line so that it flows perfectly (without gaps) as follows:

  • Animate line 1 to wipe from left on click
  • Animate line 2 to wipe from bottom after line 1
  • Animate line 3 to wipe from left after line 2.